AstRoamer: Moon Track

You have learnt about the phases of the Moon. Test your knowledge by playing AstRoamer: Moon Track.

In this activity, you will be given seven clues. Every correct answer gets you points. The more points you collect, the better your chance of winning.

Are you ready?

Click the Rules button to read the rules of the activity.

Click the Demo button to watch a demo on how to do the activity.

Then, click Start to begin.

Activity Rules
  • You will be given seven clues, one at a time.
  • Read each clue and identify which phase of the Moon it describes.
  • Then drag and drop the Moon to the correct position in the Moon's orbit.
  • Then, click Submit to check your answer.
  • If you answer correctly in the first attempt, you score two points. If you answer correctly in the second attempt, you score one point.
  • The more points you win, the better your chances of winning the prize.
Click X to continue.